B2B Video

How Saas Companies Should Be Using Video in 2020

What types of videos work best for Saas companies? How should Saas companies be using video to attract the right audience?

In this report, we audited the video initiatives of Gong.io, Drift and Monday.com, to better understand how growing Saas startups are using video to connect with their audience.

Through qualitative interviews with their video teams, and quantative data available online, we discovered the following:

  • What types of videos can increase conversion rates on a company's website by 80%

  • How these companies measure a video's "ROI", and the qualitative results of creating ongoing video content

  • The secret ingredient to creating Linkedin videos that get significant organic reach

  • Best practices for every platform, for Saas companies looking to get the most out of their video content

Download this report of you're ready to venture into the video game, and want to know how your Saas company can stay ahead of the curve.

What typesst for Saas companies?

Video is simply the best way to convey information in an engaging and entertaining way. It's also a great way to repurpose written content.